Friday Harbor Village Shopping Center Retail Condos and the Poolside Building

Un-anchored Neighborhood Shopping Center and Fitness Club / Upside with re-development of property and tenant attrition

The Harbor Village Shopping Center and the Poolside Building are strategically located at the intersection of two major local arterials in the picturesque town of Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island between Seattle, WA, Victoria, BC and Vancouver, BC.  The Shopping Center is un-anchored and serves as an island-wide neighborhood shopping center with second story office space, and two recreation oriented tenants – a bowling alley and a health club.

The property has been condominiumized and enlarged with the addition of the Poolside Building, which houses a health club and the only public swimming pool on San Juan Island.

Retail condominiums in the Harbor Village Shopping Center and the adjacent Poolside Building property, have been owned and operated by the Owners since the 1980s, and are now being sold.  Four retail condominiums and a single-story office building on a long term land lease are owned by other owners. At the discretion of the new owner, these may be acquired to consolidate the property for a redevelopment scenario.


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